Greater Copenhagen -Construction and land development during 30 years

Time series analysis is a powerful tool to understand and interpret landscapes. Time laps videos are good ways to display the power of time series analysis. The videos below have been made with the Google Earth Engine platform and are made up of Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 imagery from the last 30 years. The dynamics of the agricultural land is displayed as evident shifts in the patch work of the fields. Also striking is the expansion of the port areas in both Malmö and Copenhagen. The expansion of the northern harbor in Malmö is specially displayed in the second video.

The construction of the Øresundsbron took place during the time of the satellite data acquisitions. The building of the artificial island Peberholm (Pepper Island) is striking 19 seconds in to the film and the bridge itself can been seen as thin line connecting Peberholm with Sweden.

The southern harbor of Malmo was ones the birth place of large ships built at the Kockums Ship yard. After the era of ship yards in Sweden was closed the southern harbor was planned and built as a residential area. Meanwhile the northern harbor expanded significantly to meet the demands of increasing amounts of goods arriving on container ships. This is evident in the last of the two videos.