New functionality in eoMapper

Since the start in May we have consequently added new functionality to the eoMapper platform. The cloud shadow detection has been improved and shadows that occur in other services images are eliminated with eoMapper. More export formats have been added to facilitate the use together with more hard- and software. In the latest release we … Fortsätt läsa New functionality in eoMapper

Vegetationsindex för Golfbanor

Med är det enkelt att ta fram information om hur grön en golfbana är. Det kan användas både för skötsel av gräsytorna, laddar man hem en styrfil i geoJson så ingår indexvärdena. Men kan vara intressant inför helgens rundor. Det har varit kallt i april och maj och banorna skiljer sig mycket mellan norr och … Fortsätt läsa Vegetationsindex för Golfbanor

Greenest pitch -check it out on

eoMapper is developed for agtech purposes and use the power of Google Earth Engine to identify cloud free Sentinel-2 imagery globally, calculate vegetation indices and refine them to prescription files for fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation in combination with local knowledge of farmers. The vegetation indices could also be used to rank the pitches of the teams … Fortsätt läsa Greenest pitch -check it out on

We map farmland

At we deliver the latest cloud free Sentinel 2 imagery for precision farming and and agricultural management where ever you need it. Powered by Google Earth Engine and utilizing the free data of the Copernicus program eoMapper deliver up to date vegetation indices and prescription files globally. Explore a new world of data at … Fortsätt läsa We map farmland

eoMapper in development progress

Geografiska informationsbyrån (GiB) develop eoMapper based on the Google Earth Engine capacity of satellite data management and processing. eoMapper is a platform for downstream Earth Observation (EO) services. The base is cloud processing and storage giving access to cloud free data over client's areas of interest.For the initial phase two downstream sectors are targeted for implementation:   1. Precision farming 2. … Fortsätt läsa eoMapper in development progress