New functionality in eoMapper

Since the start in May we have consequently added new functionality to the eoMapper platform. The cloud shadow detection has been improved and shadows that occur in other services images are eliminated with eoMapper. More export formats have been added to facilitate the use together with more hard- and software. In the latest release we … Fortsätt läsa New functionality in eoMapper

Good data for good decisions

We have developed our cloud and shadow eliminating algorithms to be the best possible. The data below are included in other providers clod masked data. Do you want really state of the art cloud filtered satellite data to make better decisions and increase profitability in your organisation? Use the api for most recent and … Fortsätt läsa Good data for good decisions

New cloud filter implemented in eoMapper

New state of the art cloud and cloud shadow filter is implemented in eoMapper service for precision agriculture and farm decision support. The left side image is the satellite data over fields north of Uppsala from August 22 and the right side images display the vegetation index based on data from August 22 from a … Fortsätt läsa New cloud filter implemented in eoMapper

Integrate eoMapper with your myJohnDeere account

myJohnDeere makes it even more easy to use the eoMapper prescription files for precision agriculture. While we develop the automated process you can follow these step to get the data straight from the eoMapper portal to your John Deere tractor. Log in to your eoMapper account If you do not have a log in it … Fortsätt läsa Integrate eoMapper with your myJohnDeere account

Precision farming made easy -eoMapper

It is quite easy to make forest analyses with eoMapper, the online tool for precision cultivation, forestry and urban development. Go to  and create an account. This is necessary for us to save your processes for future use. Select to start a new process, in this case change detection for clear cuts between 2016 and […]