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New cloud filter implemented in eoMapper

New state of the art cloud and cloud shadow filter is implemented in eoMapper service for precision agriculture and farm decision support. The left side image is the satellite data over fields north of Uppsala from August 22 and the right side images display the vegetation index based on data from August 22 from a free with cloud free data and from August 20 for the neighbouring field with clouds at the latest date.

Cloud shadows are handled with a multi temporal approach and do not effect the vegetation indices, a great improvement compared to other services. The images with the cloud shadow is from August 22 and the selected image for the field is from August 20.

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New Downloads from eoMapper

eoMapper handle the download format of prescription files for all large equipment and system providers. Go to site, find the latest satellite imagery and create your tailored made prescription file to increase the profitability of your farming activities.


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