eoMapper in development progress

Geografiska informationsbyrån (GiB) develop eoMapper based on the Google Earth Engine capacity of satellite data management and processing. eoMapper is a platform for downstream Earth Observation (EO) services. The base is cloud processing and storage giving access to cloud free data over client’s areas of interest.For the initial phase two downstream sectors are targeted for implementation:


1. Precision farming

2. Forest management
The large amount of freely available EO data is a great opportunity for data analysis and EO service production. The services that will be offered on eoMapper are selected for their technical maturity and potential to be implemented with a high degree of automation. The services will solve real problems in clients’ operations at affordable prices.

Namnlöst 2

As a complement to eo-data, eoMapper will offer UAV imagery processing capacity. UAV imagery is a good complement to satellite imagery as data can be captured over small areas, on demand, at low cost and cloud independent.